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Evergreen Oak Capital provides high return financial trading services with unparalleled features for the clients utilizing recent technological innovations and responding to the ever higher investor expectations. We have put the most emphasis on safety, on balanced performance and on customer support. We provide services which approach investment from the natural demands of the clients. Through our highly efficient portfolio management you significantly reduce the high risk of losses associated with trading financial instruments and focus more on the unparalleled benefits derivable therefrom.

The basis of the investment come from the possibilities offered by the exchange markets, especially by the currency exchange market; with us, you too may profit from these possibilities and achieve returns that have only been available to institutional investors before now.

We are an asset management company. We offer innovative services that have never been available before in the field of investments and unlike the other asset managers we focus on the expectations of the clients the most. For developing our services first we have examined the needs and desires of the investors, and found that the following aspects are the most important: safety, high returns, transparent operation, liquidity, professional expertise and low costs.

From the first day our aim has not changed: we currently offer forex, cryptocurrency and futures managed accounts service to our clients which meet their expectations and desires completely. We are proud of what we have achieved until today, our success is proven by the positive responses we continuously get from our ever growing client base. As an asset management company we focus on working with strictly professional team of traders who are able to provide a good performance and stable results for our investors in the long term.

Our account management team has been specializing in exploiting the different market conditions across many years. The fluctuations of the currency market has got a direct effect on the performance of the accounts, but if the total amount invested is diversified in equal proportions, the targeted profit can be achieved in a more stable manner. We put great emphasis on providing high returns to our clients regardless of global economics. By holding an investment with us you can enjoy the benefits of the cryptocurrency, futures and forex market without economic expertise, time and efforts.

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Chief Administrative Officer

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Managing Director

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Chief Financial Officer

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Business analyst

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Chief Data Scientist

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Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Vice President

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Private Clients Services

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Chief Marketing consultant

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Chief Information Officer

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Technical Lead

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Marketing Manager

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